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List of important Boundary Lines

List of important Boundary Lines

List of important Boundary Lines

Each country sets a fixed limit to protect it’s country’s border. Crossing this border is considered an intrusion into the country’s border. check out this List of important Boundary Lines that we have listed below.

One advantage of determining these boundaries is that countries know how far they have to expand the boundaries of their state. Some such major limitations are described in this article.

1. Durand Line

The 2,640 km long borderline on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan is called the Durand Line.

This line is the result of an agreement between British India and Afghan representatives in 1893.

The line was named after Sir Mortimer Durand, the then Foreign Minister of British India.

2. Macmahon Line

700 km. This line was drawn by Sir McMahon (Britain) in 1914 to resolve the India-China border dispute.

3. Radcliffe Line

This line determines the boundaries between India and Pakistan. This range is 3310 km long. On 15 August 1947, Sir Radcliffe determined this limit.

4. Hindenburg Line

This line lies between Germany and Poland. At the time of World War I, the German army returned from this line.

5. Manner Line

Soviet is the line between Russia and Finland.

6. Maginot Line

The borderline between Germany and France drew by France. This line is made of concrete, iron, etc. It was constructed between 1929 and 1938.

7. 17th Parallel

This is North Vietnam and D. Vietnam Was located in the middle of Vietnam. Before the unification of Vietnam, it divided the country into two parts. This is no longer a line because Vietnam is now united.

8. 24th Parallel

This line is situated near Kutch between India and Pakistan. According to Pakistan, this line determines the exact border between India and Pakistan but India does not accept this line.

9. 38th Parallel

It divides North Korea and South Korea into two parts.

10. 1410 Western longitude line

This is the boundary line between Alaska (USA) and Canada.

11. 49th Parallel

It divides North America and Canada into two parts.

12. Oder-Neisse Line

It is situated between East Germany and Poland and was determined after World War II.

13. Siegfried Line

It is between Germany and France and it is made by Germany. From September 1944 to March 1945 the Siegfried Line was subject to a large-scale Allied attack.

Early US reports stated that 120,000 troops were deployed to attack the line, but continued actions inflicted losses on American divisions, which required a resurgence.

This resulted in a reported total of 140,000 Allied casualties. German losses were not well documented. Some 100,000 United States soldiers are buried in the cemetery along the Siegfried Line.

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