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List Of All Major Lakes in India

Lakes in India

What Is A Lake?

The lakes in India is the stagnant part of the water which is surrounded by terrains from all four sides. The second feature of the lake is its stability.

In general, lakes are wide pits off the ground floor which are filled with water. The water of lakes is often constant.

An important feature of lakes is their salinity but many lakes are also of freshwater.

Lakes can occur on any part of the crust. They are found on high mountains, are also found on plateaus and plains and are also found below sea level.

Types of lakes in India

Different types of lakes are found in India, which are as follows: –

Tectonic lakes: Lakes formed due to geomorphic movements are placed under tectonic lakes. Wular lake of Kashmir and many lakes situated in Kumaon Himalayas.

Crater lake or lake formed by volcanic action: Such lakes originate from the seepage of calm volcanoes into the mouths or craters.

The prime example of this is Lonar Lake in Buldhana district of Maharashtra and Victoria Lake in Africa.

Lagoon or Anup lakes: Chilka Lake (Orissa), Pulicat Lake (Andhra Pradesh), Kolleru Lake (Andhra Pradesh)

Lakes created by Himani: Freshwater lakes in which freshwater flows continuously through the rivers are freshwater as they do not contain any types of salts.

Most of the lakes of the Kumaon Himalayas are of this type. Examples of these are Raktasal, Nainital, Satatal, Bhimtal, Naukuchiya Tal, Khurpatal, Samtal, Malawatal, etc.

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Wind-created lakes: Sambhar, Didwana, Panchbhadra, Lunakaranasar, etc. of Rajasthan.

Lakes created by corruption: Such lakes are formed as a result of waterlogging in basins formed due to subsidence or rise above a part of the surface due to geological movements.

Rift Valley Lakes: Such lakes are formed as a result of sinking under the intermediate part of two parallel cracks of the surface and filling up the water in it. Israel’s Dead Sea is an example of this.

Brackish water lakes: The lakes in which water comes from outside, but does not go out unconsciously, are usually saline lakes. The Caspian Sea is the largest saltwater lake in the world.

List Of Lakes in India

Lake States
Anantnag Lake Jammu and Kashmir
Kolleru Lake Andra Pradesh
Khurpatal Lake Uttarakhand
Gobind sagar lake Punjab
Chilika lake Odisha
Dhebar Lake Rajasthan
Dal Lake Jammu and Kashmir
Didwana Lake Rajasthan
Devtal lake Uttarakhand
Nagin Lake Jammu and Kashmir
Nainital Lake Uttarakhand
Naukuchiatal lake Uttarakhand
Panchpokhari lake Uttarakhand
Pichola lake Rajasthan
Pulicat Lake Tamil Nadu
Fatehsagar Lake Rajasthan
Vembanad Lake Kerala
Berinag lake Jammu and Kashmir
Manasbal lake Jammu and Kashmir
Malatal Lake Uttarakhand
Raktasal Lake Uttarakhand
Rajsamand Lake Rajasthan
Lunkaransar Lake Rajasthan
Loktak Lake Manipur
Lonar Lake Maharashtra
Wular Lake  Jammu and Kashmir
Sheshnag Lake Jammu and Kashmir
Sambhar Lake Rajasthan
Sattal lake Uttarakhand
Hussainsagar lake Andra Pradesh


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