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Current Affairs Quiz No. #29

Current Affairs Quiz of 17 September 2019

Current Affairs Quiz Of 17 September 2019

We daily use to providing Current Affairs Quiz of 17 September 2019 to its readers. It has a compilation of today’s current affairs the first Lokayukta of Andhra Pradesh and examinations related to Hindi Diwas. Which is very important for the upcoming government jobs notification. 

1. Which state government has launched a public information portal?

a. Andra Pradesh
b. Uttar Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Haryana

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1. c. Rajasthan

The Government of Rajasthan has launched a public information portal to bring transparency and responsibility in the government departments of the state.

13 government departments connected with the general public have been added to the portal, which includes education, medical energy, Panchayati raj, revenue department, etc.

2. Who among the following has been appointed as the first Lokayukta of Andhra Pradesh?

a. Justice P. Laxman Reddy
b. Justice A. Goswami
c. Justice S. D. Mani Ratnam
d. neither of the above

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2. a. Justice P. Laxman Reddy

Justice P. Laxman Reddy is a retired Judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court. He was sworn in by Vijayawada by Governor Biswabhusan Harichandan.

3. On which day is World Ozone Day celebrated?

a. 13 September
b. 14 September
c. 15 September
d. 16 September

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3.d. 16 September

World Ozone Day is celebrated every year on 16 September. The ozone layer has seen improvements since the Montreal Protocol.

It is called the world's most successful synonym agreement. The treaty was signed on 16 September 1987.

Every year a different theme is prepared for the preservation of the ozone layer and people are informed about its importance. This year, the theme of World Ozone Day 2019 is '32 years and Healing'.

4. Which Indian has won the world's toughest race 'Enduroman Triathlon' in record time?

a. Sanjay Bhatt
b. Mayank Vaid
c. Jayprakash Govind
d. Target Thapar

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4. b. Mayank Vaid

Approx 463 km Mayank completed this race 2.06 hours before the previous record and made a new world record.

Mayank is not only the first Indian to win this race, but also the first Asian. In this race, one has to travel from London to Paris through running, swimming and cycling.

5. In which city did the National Radio and Electronics Company launch 'Marine Communications Service'?

a. Mumbai
b. Chennai
c. Bhubaneswar
d. Nashik

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5. a. Mumbai

Programs like Financial Inclusion, Digital India and e-Governance are being implemented through the use of communication technology in India.

National Radio and Electronics Company is the first Indian company to provide quality broadband services in the maritime sector.

6. Which state government has launched a pilot project to track stolen mobile phones?

a. Government of Bihar
b. Government of Punjab
c. Government of Maharashtra
d. Government of Rajasthan

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6. c. Government of Maharashtra

This project provides the facility to the mobile customers of Maharashtra to report their stolen mobile phone.

In addition, it also provides the facility to block stolen mobile phones, thereby preventing the possibility of reuse of stolen mobile phones.

7. Hindi Diwas is celebrated on which of the following days?

a. 15 September
b. 12 September
c. 10 September
d. 14 September

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7. d. 14 September

On 14 September 1949, Hindi Diwas was given the status of official language. Hindi is one of the five most spoken languages ​​in the world.

The purpose of celebrating Hindi Day is to make people aware of Hindi in the country. World Hindi Day is celebrated every year on 10 January.

8. Which star player of India won the 22nd world title of his career with the fourth consecutive IBSF World Billiards title in 150 up format?

a. Pankaj Advani
b. Geet Sethi
c. Aatit Shah
d. Alok Kumar

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8. a. Pankaj Advani

This is the fifth title of 34-year-old Pankaj Advani in the short format of billiards.

No player has won more World Q titles than Pankaj Advani. Pankaj is the world winner of snooker and billiards. He won the first professional billiards world title in 2009.

9. Which Indian cricket team's former captain has been appointed as the first Chancellor of Haryana Sports University?

a. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
b. Kapil Dev
c. Anil Kumble
d. Saurabh Ganguly

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9. b. Kapil Dev

Haryana Sports Minister Anil Vij gave this information through a tweet. Sports Minister Anil Vij said, ‘The government has decided to make Kapil Dev a chancellor of Haryana Sports University, Sonipat.

Haryana Sports University is the third sports university in the country which has been started by a state government.

Prior to this, sports universities are run in Gujarat (Swarnim Gujarat Sports University) and Chennai (Tamil Nadu Physical Education and Sports University).

10. Which international organization has published the works of Guru Nanak Dev in international languages?

a. World Bank
c. Facebook
d. Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation

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10. b. UNESCO

On the occasion of 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev, the collection of his works has been translated and published in various languages of the world by UNESCO.


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