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Current Affairs Quiz No. #6

Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 08 July 2019
Current Affairs Daily Quiz

Job For Govt is bringing the current affairs daily quiz for its visitor. Today compilation of current questions related to current affairs daily quiz of World Heritage Sites List and QS World University Rankings.

Current Affairs Daily Quiz: 08 July 2019

#1. Which indigenous missile has recently been increased from 290 kilometers to 500 kilometers?

a. Prithvi
b. Naag
c. Aagni.
d. Brahmos

Answer. d. Brahmos

This enhanced version of the indigenous Brahmos missile with an increased range of 500 km.

So far this missile was able to penetrate the target of 290 km, but now its range has increased to 500 kilometers.

Earlier, the government took a major decision and intensified the process of equipping more than 40 Sukhoi fighters with the Brahmos supersonic cruise missile.

#2. Which city of India has recently been included in the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO?

a. Lucknow
b. Jaisalmer
c. Jaipur
d. Dimapur

Answer. c. Jaipur

Recently, Jaipur of Rajasthan was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, this announcement was made in UNESCO’s at the 43rd session in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Jaipur was founded in 1727 AD under the protection of Sawai Jai Singh II.

Jaipur is known for its architectural heritage and vibrant culture.

Its city planning is a confluence of ancient Hindu, Mughal and contemporary western ideas.

#3. Which Pakistani cricketer has announced his retirement from ODI cricket?

a. Shahin Afridi
b. Shoaib Malik
c. Hassan Ali
d. Shadab Khan

Answer. b. Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik started the one-day cricket career against the West Indies in October 1999.

He played 287 ODI matches for Pakistan. He scored 7534 runs with 900 and 44 half centuries. He also took 158 wickets.

#4. Which of the following country’s government has recently banned wearing masks in government offices?

a. France
b. Tunisia
c. Belgium
d. South Africa

Answer. b. Tunisia

Tunisian Prime Minister Yousuf Willard has banned the mask in government offices, for security reasons after the terrorist attacks in the country.

After this restriction, nobody can cover the face and go to the government office.

There has been a ban on wearing a mask. Earlier, in Sri Lanka, Cameroon and Algeria after terror attacks in public places.

#5. QS World University Ranking In 2020, what is the rank of IIT Bombay Institute of India?

a. 491th
b. 351st
c. 254th
d. 162nd

Answer. a. 162nd

In the QS World University Ranking-2020, IIT Bombay has secured 162nd place. 23 Indian institutes have got the place.

In which IIT Bombay ranked 162nd, IIT Delhi 182nd and Indian Institute of Science Bangalore 184th Rank.

Compared with the previous year, four out of 23 Indian institutions have improved their position and the ranking of seven institutions has fallen.

#6. Recently in 2019 in which place, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Sadasyata Parv?

a. Roorkee
b. Mangalore
c. Meerut
d. Varanasi

Answer. d. Varanasi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Sadasyata Parv from Varanasi on July 6, 2019.

Under this, the Prime Minister called people to join the Bharatiya Janata Party.

For this online membership form, You can visit at narendramodi.in

#7. According to new statistics released by scientific agencies, due to global warming, the ice around which continent is melting rapidly?

a. Antarctica
b. Europe
c. Australia
d. None of these

Answer. a. Antarctica

It studies that the temperature of the ocean surface in the Arctic Ocean is 5 degrees Celsius above the temperature of the Chukchi Sea.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, Antarctic and Arctic sea ice levels have decreased at record levels.

Scientists have been warned of the increase in the frequency of extreme seasonal events due to global warming.

#8. Which state government has initiated a Telangana Harita Haram scheme on the basis of Japanese plantation ‘Miyawaki method’?

a. Government of Karnataka
b. Tamil Nadu Government
c. Telangana government
d. Government of Madhya Pradesh

Answer. c. Telangana government

The main objective of this scheme is to promote plantation in urban areas.

Japanese cultivator Akira Miyawaki, primate of Miyawaki method. In this very short time, forests can be converted into dense forests.

This scheme has revolutionized the concept of urban forestry by changing the vacant place in front of or behind houses in small gardens.

#9. What new initiatives have been initiated to create an integrated database of molecular structures of all human tissues in recent times and to draw out a holistic approach to human body mechanisms?

a. Human Atlas
b. Human color
c. Atlas tissue.
d. Molecular man

Answer. a. Human Atlas

A project called ‘Human Atlas’ has been started by the Department of Biotechnology Company (Persistent Systems).

This database helps the researchers to improve the existing deficiencies and to identify and diagnose diseases in the future.

#10. Gangetic river dolphins have been found for the first time in Mahananda river. Name the state?

a. Jharkhand
b. Bihar
c. Uttar Pradesh
d. Punjab

Answer. b. Bihar ( Kishanganj)

A team of scientists from Vikramshila Biodiversity Research and Education Center of Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University found 14 Ganges river dolphins during the survey.

At different places, it is commonly known by the names of Ganges River Dolphins, Blind Dolphins, Ganga Sasu, Heihu, Side-Swimming Dolphin, South Asian River Dolphin, etc.


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