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Current affairs quiz No. #21

Current affairs quiz

Current affairs quiz: 04 September 2019

We daily providing Current Affairs Quiz to our readers. Today gk contains a compilation of today current affairs – loan waiver of Rs 4750 crore and exam related questions related to ISSF World Cup Shooting Championship.

1. Recently which state government has announced a loan waiver of Rs 4750 crore for farmers?

a. Telangana
b. Haryana
c. Rajasthan
d. Chhattisgarh

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Answer. b. Haryana

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced a package of Rs 4,750 crore for farmers under which the interest and penalty of crop loan have also been waived.

This will benefit 10 lakh farmers. 13 lakh farmers of Haryana had taken loans, out of which 8 lakh 25 thousand farmers’ accounts have been declared NPA, now they too will get relief from this.

2. How many Test matches have Virat Kohli achieved to become the most successful captain?

a. 28
b. 29
c. 30
d. 31

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Answer. a. 28

Virat Kohli has become India’s most successful Test captain, leaving behind former captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Kohli has recorded 28 victories in 48 Tests as the captain of the Indian team.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni had led India to 27 wins in 60 Tests under his captaincy.

Kohli became the captain of the Indian team in the Test played against Australia in the year 2014.

3. Which country has established a space command SpaceCom dedicated to space war?

a. Nepal
b. China
c. Russia
d. America

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Answer. d. America

Significantly, the US has established this space command to protect against the threats from China and Russia in space.

This space command is the 11th full command of the Pentagon and the second command to be established in the last two years.

Earlier in the year 2018, a command was established in view of the dangers of cyber warfare.

4. According to a recent announcement made by the President of which country, the East Kalimantan province of the island of Borneo will be made the new capital of the country?

a. Indonesia
b. Vietnam
c. Malaysia
d. Thailand

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Answer. a. Indonesia

The capital of Indonesia is currently Jakarta. The city of Jakarta is slowly getting submerged in water, the possibility of this city being completely submerged in a few years is being expressed.

Due to climate change, the water level of the Java Sea is increasing and weather events are becoming more anomalous.

5. Which policy system of China has come up again in the midst of continuous protests in Hong Kong?

a. One country four system
b. One country two system
c. One country one system
d. Two country two system

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Answer. b. One country two system

Hong Kong and Macau regions differ from the mainland of China on the economic and political level.

So they have been declared as special administrative zones. One country two systems policy was proposed after Deng Xiaoping took over the reins of governance of the country around 1970.

6.  How many Apache fighter helicopters have been inducted into the Indian Air Force?

a. Eight
b. Seven
c. Four
d. ten

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Answer. a. Eight

Apache is one of the most modern combat helicopters in the world.

The US military also considers it as its troubleshooter against enemies.

Apache has the ability to fight with equal strength in light and darkness. This helicopter can attack the enemy in any weather or any situation.

7. Khadi and Village Industries Commission inaugurated which initiative in Varanasi for reuse of waste utensils?

a. Terracotta grinder
b. Urban Healers
c. Steel robot
d. neither of the above

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Answer. a. Terracotta grinder

The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) launched the first terracotta grinder in Sewa Puri, Varanasi.

This machine will make a powder of waste and broken utensils which can be reused in utensil manufacture.

The price of clay making utensils in Varanasi region is Rs 2600 per tractor-trolley. If 20 percent of terracotta powder is added to the soil, it will save Rs 520.

8. The fifth meeting of the Eastern Economic Forum is being held in which of the following countries?

a. India
b. Bhutan
c. Russia
d. Indonesia

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Answer. c. Russia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will leave for Russia’s Vladivostok on a three-day visit to attend the Fifth Eastern Economic Forum meeting.

During this time the Prime Minister will also attend the 20th annual summit between Russia and India.

Prime Minister Modi, India, and Russia will also discuss a 5-year action plan for 2020-24 to increase cooperation in the exploitation of oil and gas.

9. India topped the points table with how many gold medals at the ISSF World Cup Shooting Championships?

a. 4
b. 5
c. 6
d. 7

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Answer. b. 5

India topped the ISSF World Cup Rifle / Pistol Championship in Rio de Janeiro with five gold, two silver, and two cosine medals.

The Indian pair of Manu Bhaker and Saurabh Chaudhary defeated their own country’s Yashaswini Deswal and Abhishek Verma in the final of the ten-meter air pistol mixed team competition.

10. Recently the International Monetary Fund released the ‘Annual Overview Report of the Special Data Dissemination Standard for the year 2018’. According to this which country has failed to follow the standards laid down in this report?

a. Brasil
b. China
c. South Africa
d. India

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Answer. d. India

According to this report released by the IMF, in the year 2018, there were many delays in the release of data of various categories from India.

According to the report, Brazil, China, South Africa, and Russia have consistently met all data-related standards.

India has acknowledged that the reason for not following the IMF standards is a technical flaw in the web page of the National Summary Data Page.


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