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Current Affairs Quiz No. #7

current affairs questions
current affairs questions

Job For Govt is providing the current affairs questions quiz for its readers. This is a compilation of current affairs questions related to current affairs of Padma awards and National Cricket Academy.

Current Affairs Questions: 09 July 2019

#1. Which state government has recently decided to give 10,000 rupees each month to Padma award winners of the financial crisis?

a. Bihar government
b. Punjab government
c. Government of Odisha
d. Government of Jharkhand

Answer.c. Government of Odisha

Earlier, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik had asked the Culture Department to study the situation of award winners who were suffering from a financial crisis.

It is notable that four Padmashree winners of the state, Halder Nag, Dattari Naik, Kamla Pujari and Jitendra Haripal were in the limelight due to their poverty.

#2. According to the United Nations, which country has enriched uranium enrichment by violating the limits set out in an international treaty of 2015?

a. Iran
b. Iraq
c. China
d. Russia

Answer.a. Iran

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors confirmed on 08 July 2019 that Iran is promoting uranium U-233 more than the 3.67 percent limit.

Iran had said this a few hours ago that it has done uranium enrichment up to 4.5 percent more than the limit set out in the opposition to exit the US agreement.

#3. Which of the following former BCCI has appointed the cricket captain of the National Cricket Academy of Bengaluru?

a. Sunil Gavaskar
b. Rahul Dravid
c. Kapil Dev
d. Ravi Shastri

Answer.b Rahul Dravid

According to the BCCI, Rahul Dravid will also work with the men and women teams of India, along with the coaches of India-A and Under-19, under-23 teams.

He is the coach of the Under-19 team from 2016 and under his guidance, India has consistently win finals of the Under-19 World Cup twice time.

#4. Which mobile company has announced the Digital Literacy Initiative for Internet users for the first time in the country?

a. Reliance lives
b. Bharti Airtel
c. Vodafone
d. Idea Cellular

Answer.a. Reliance live

Jio has decided to work closely with Facebook for this campaign. This campaign will be run for the first time to make people aware of the use of the Internet.

This digital literacy campaign will be run in 10 regional languages. This campaign will be spread over more than 7000 locations.

#5. Which country recently defeated Peru and won the title of Copa America 2019 for the ninth time?

a. China
b. Japan
c. Brazil
d. Russia

Answer.c. Brazil

Brazil defeated Peru 3-1 in the final. This is Brazil’s 9th Copa America title.

Copa América is an international football competition. It was established in the year 1916. This competition has won by Uruguay 15 times.

#6. What major operation has been launched by the BSF to strengthen the ‘intrusive grid’ on the Pakistan border in Punjab and Jammu?

a. Operation Sudarshan
b. Operation component
c. Operation courage.
d. Operation Karna

Answer.a. Operation Sudarshan

This comprehensive operation named after Sudarshan Chakra of Lord Krishna.

Under this operation, the Indian defense position and location are being strengthened in view of infiltration of terrorists, preventing the movement of drugs and responding to the futile firing of Pakistan.

Under this campaign heavy machinery, communication interceptor and mobile bulletproof bunkers have also been included.

#7. Recently, a group of scientists from many countries has been formed to study the impact of climate change on Arctic ice?

a. 20
b. 25
c. 30
d. 17

Answer.d. 17

Icebreaker of Germany R.V. Polarstern ships will be sent to study the effects of climate change on the ice of the Arctic region, along with scientists and scientific instruments from 17 countries including America, Russia, and China.

Through this scientific research, a clear study of the weather of the central Arctic region can be done.

In this study, better data will be prepared using technologies like robotics to make better weather and climate.

#8. In a recent survey by the bank, income inequality has been highlighted among Indian farming families.

b. SB I
c. PNB
d. RBI

Answer.a. NABARD

According to the data collected from the survey, income inequality among the states of India’s agricultural households is considerable.

Apart from this, it has been found in the Survey that 85% of the farmers of the country earn only 9% of the total agricultural income while the remaining 15% of farmers earn 91%.

#9. According to NASA, which drone is going to launch on the largest moon ‘Titan’?

a. Complex 41
b. Dragonfly
c. Rustam
d. None of these

Answer.b Dragonfly

The drone is expected to launch in 2026 and reach ‘Titan’ in 2034.

Prior to this, there is a plan to get some pitchers on ‘Titan’ and then to a pit.

The cost of this mission has been fixed at around $ 85 million.

#10. Which country has launched the Soyuz carrier rocket with 33 satellites recently?

a. China
b. Japan
c. Russia
d. India

Answer.c. Russia

This rocket can obtain data to determine sea level temperature, ozone layer position as well as the level of humidity, which will help to improve the accuracy of the meteorological estimation.

Three of our satellites were developed by Russian University students.

Its main objective is to solve the problems of space weather and to monitor the movement of civilian aircraft.

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