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What Are The Best Career Options After 12th Class?

Best Career Options After 12th

What Are The Best Career Options After 12th Class?

Some golden best career options after 12th class. If you are 12th class students and are preparing for board exams.

Then this question often comes in your mind, or you know, parents or relatives will ask you sure.

What to do after the 12th? Which stream is to go for? etc etc.

Most students decide on the 12th, what do they have to do next? Which stream to choose, or what career field, etc.

But some students still can not decide what they have to do in the future?

Which field of careers will be right for them? Confused about this question and cannot able to decide anything.

Whatever streams you belong to, it is very important to decide what to do after the 12th, because the direction of your career is determined from here.

Nowadays the market is full of a variety of courses, streams Interns exams.

That makes students confused in selecting the best career options after 12th pass. And it is also the turning point in their life.

Therefore, in this article, some career options available in the market have been discussed for the purpose of helping 12th students.

Why is this an important decision?

Choosing the right course for 12th students for girls and boy is a very important task, because of the decisions of their own career hinges.

Right decisions help students towards an innovative path in which they find a better course suit their interests and abilities.

If in the meantime, students are able to choose the wrong domain as opposed to their ability, interest, and talent.

It is worth to suffer, and the priceless time of the students is also waste.

In fact, in most cases, students take decisions in the 12th, they make their careers and life the same way in the future.

So after graduation, there is very little scope to change careers and if you do it, then it will hard to recover.

Why is this a difficult decision?

In addition to having a very important decision, this is a difficult decision, especially in the context of today’s tomorrow.

Nowadays, there are many careers, courses after 10th class and stream options available to students.

This wide range of courses available in the college has made students’ decision-making process more complicated.

Those days were gone only when there were only good in the field of engineers, doctors, chartered accountants and other such core areas.

Now the students have a lot more options than a few years ago.

They are free to give a new direction to their careers in new areas such as T-testers, graphic designers, professional photographers, and ethical hackers.

However, all these courses were not much in circulation until a few years ago.

Presence Of Options

In fact, these new areas are being proven both boon and curse for students.

Some students who want to take some courses off of the leak are a golden opportunity.

But in the cycle of completing their passion, students choose some courses or stream, for which they are not fully mentally prepared.

In addition, some students choose a stream that they find very easy compared to other streams.

Often we meet some people who are not satisfied with their current work.

And want to switch to another field but keep in mind that once you start a job, switching from them is not that easy.

Therefore, while selecting any stream, taking care of your ability, qualification, interest, circumstance, etc.

You should carefully select any course with which you can make the right harmony in the future and you enjoy the work.

How to Select the Right Graduation Courses?

Setting the right course for the graduation level seems like an impossible decision.

When choosing the right courses after the 12th you should know which options are better for you.

And in which option can you give better? In this context, some important points to note are:-

1. Always take care of your interest

What you need to take special care when selecting any course is to identify your interest, passion, desire, and customs, and choose those analogue courses.

Be clear in this matter about which area you are interested in, what you have to do in the future, and to what extent will it be beneficial for you in the future?

If you are completely clear about all things, then you will not have any problem or difficulty in choosing the right course for yourself.

For example, if you want to take archaeology but you are interested in the ARTS,

You may have better career options for an art collection or musical (museum-related) etc.

2. Understanding the Course

Before you start a study by choosing a course and it is very important for you to know what is the subject matter of your course and which areas it covers?

Before joining any course, With the help of available materials and seniors and faculty, you should get detailed information about that subject.

There are several ways to gather important information about graduation courses, which you can adapt and gather the information as you need.

For this, you can take the opinion of your parents, brother-in-law, friends and any seniors.

Apart from this, people who are already in the field can also give you accurate information.

If not even then, then consult a career counsellor.

3. Future possibilities

An important topic to keep in mind while selecting college courses in the future prospects of that course.

If you are leaving a leak and choosing a new course, it is necessary to consider its expansion in the future.

And the possibility of growth in a very deep way. Together, you should also see how many jobs are available in this field.

Apart from this, it should be seen whether higher studies can be done in this field or not.

If all these things are possible in a field, then that field will be beneficial for you.

Some popular college courses available after the 12th

After 12th, Indian students often choose two courses like engineering and medical.

But now due to the ever-new emerging options, there is also the option of many other courses in front of them.

Breaking old concepts, students are also successful in selecting these new off-beat courses according to their talent.


After 12th, there is a course with the most demanding, it is engineering.

Due to being a professional course, students are attracted to this course.

Students passing 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Maths are eligible to take admission in this course.

This course is very competitive because of its growing popularity. However, to get admission in the top engineering colleges of India.

Examples, It has the most popular Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which is a common engineering entrance examination organized by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for engineering candidates across the country.

Last year about 11 lakh students joined the JEE Main Exam, it is a clear indication of the popularity of engineering courses among the students.

There is a wide range of engineering courses available for science students.

Some of the most preferred engineering streams are Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, Civil, and Biotechnology.

Some relatively new areas like Nano Technology, Textile, Petrochemical, Ocean Engineering, etc are also gaining popularity and providing some exciting career options at the graduation level.

Medical science

After engineering, the second most career options after 12th for Science stream students is Medical or Medicine.

Medical is literally the study of life and everything around it. If you want to be a doctor.

Then you have only medical streams where you can complete your dream by studying.

After 12th, part of Medical Science Studies Pharmacy, agricultural science and zoology can also be studied as.

Nowadays, graduation is a very popular course among medical students in the pharmacy.

Under this, they are taught how medicines are made, how they work? Drug remedies, various effects on their patient, etc. are studied under this.

Students passing 12th class physics, chemistry and biology subjects can choose from other medical courses related to medical science including MBBS.

Apart from mainstream career options, medical research in different areas like genetics, microbiology, etc. provides important career opportunities for medical students.

Bio-Technology is a relatively new course in this field, it is getting a lot of popularity at very fast.

These days courses like Physiotherapy, Nutrition, and Diet Science, etc. are also very popular among the students.


Chartered accountancy is one of the best career options after 12th for students studying in the 11th and 12th classes in commerce.

Under this, information related to taxation, financial transactions, etc. is provided through practical training.

In addition to chartered accountancy, there are other popular courses available for commerce students, graduation in Business Management (BBA), BCom, BCom (H), Economics (H), CS, Law, Travel, and Tourism, etc.

With the help of these courses, a reputed career option after 12th commerce can be made as Investment Banker, Brand Manager, Human Resource Manager, and other prestigious positions.

But in 12th Commerce students studying for a non-Maths subject are no longer eligible for admission in some available courses.


Due to the convenience of many different courses under Arts or Humanities, students have more freedom to choose the subject according to their own interests.

Over the years, there has been an inclination of the students towards the arts. Most of the students are currently selecting arts.

Students from Arts can choose any topic from Mass Communication, Journalism, Advertising, Interior Designing, Graphics Designing, Psychology, Sociology, History, Fashion Designing, Photography, Theater, etc.

Apart from this, you can make a career as an art student by studying Linguistics, Religious Studies, Art Restoration, Foreign Language, Film Production, Art History, and such other related fields.

Entrance examinations

After 12th, the main concern of the students is to get admission in any other course.

The entrance examinations have their own set of seats for admission to prestigious colleges in the respective domains of almost all streams of arts, engineering, medical, commerce or any other courses.

Every year millions of students are involved in these entrance examinations.

Students can apply for the courses offered by colleges across the country on the basis of the scores gained in these examinations.

Due to the increasing number of applicants and tough competition for admission.

Many prestigious colleges organize entrance exams as a means of screen examination and list only the best candidates suitable for their curriculum and college.

Some common entrance examinations also The students who help in applying to multiple colleges through a single entrance examination.

Below is a list of some popular entrance exams for each stream-


JEE Main is the most important and popular engineering exam in the country.

Most engineering colleges nominate them on the basis of rank obtained by engineering candidates in this examination.

JEE Main Examination score and rank are used to screen and shortlist candidates for admission by almost all the prestigious engineering colleges of India.

The main technical schools of India are also provided with the facility of first-level screening by JEE Main for admission to IIT.

Top 2.25 lakh engineering candidates have been selected for JEE Advanced examination from JEE MAINS.

JEE Advanced score is used for enrollment in various Graduation Engineering Courses offered by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT).

Some other popular engineering entrance examinations are given below.

Entrance examinationsCollege / university
JEE MAINSValid through all the major engineering colleges all over the country
JEE AdvancedAll recognized by IIT institutions
BITSATBits Pilani
VITEEEVIT University, Vellore
IPU CETIndraprastha University, Delhi

Medical science

NET or National Qualification Co-entrance examination conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education is a common entrance test for admission to Medical College in India.

Some institutes like AIIMS also conduct their entrance exams to give admission to MBBS, pharmacy, and other medical courses.

Details of other major entrance exams for medical students are mentioned below

Entrance examinationsCollege / university
National Eligibility Low Intent Exam for Undergraduate (Under-Undergraduate)Eligibility Test for admission to MBBS / BDS courses at All India level organized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)
Armed Forces Medical College Intensive Examination (AFMC)Entrance Exam for Armed Forces Medical College
AIIMS MBBSEligibility Test for admission in MBBS / BDS courses in AIIMS Delhi and other 6 AIIs organized by AIIMS at All India level.
JIPMER MBBS Intense TestAdmissions conducted by Jawahar Lal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research for admission in MBBS courses
AIPVTAll India Pre-Veterinary Test (AIPVT) for admission in India for B.E.S.C. and AH for five years.


CPT or Common Proficiency Test is an entry-level examination for Chartered Accountancy course.

This is one of the best career options after 12th for commerce students.

Other major competitive exams for commerce students include:

Entrance examinationsCollege / university
CPT Intensive Examination – Foundation Course or Common Proficiency TestEntry Level Examination for Chartered Accountancy Course organized by Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, ICAI
UPSE Entrance ExaminationUttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU)
IPU CET Entrance ExamCommon entrance examination conducted by Gurgaon Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU)
SET Entrance Exam18 entrance examinations conducted by Symbiosis University for admission to 18 graduation courses
LSAT Entrance ExaminationLaw school entrance exam
CLAT Entrance ExaminationCompulsory entrance examination for many law institutes in India
A common law entrance examinationThe entrance exam for admission at the national level at the Law Courses


Due to the availability of so many subjects in the arts, there are several entrance examinations for admission to different courses.

Depending on the type of course and on the basis of the colleges and courses you want to join.

You can choose the main entrance examinations of the respective field.

Some popular arts colleges/universities and main entrance exams organized by them were mentioned.

Entrance examinationsCollege / university
IIT HSEEIndian Institute of Technology, Madras
TISS BATTata Institute of Social Science (Gohati, Tripura, and Hyderabad)
BHU UTBanaras Hindu University
DU CATEDelhi University
Patna Women’s College Intensive ExaminationPatna University
AuatAliya University
JamieJamia Millia Islamia
Jawahar Lal Nehru University Intelligence Examination (BA Hons)Jawahar Lal Nehru University
Aligarh Muslim University Intensive Exam (BA Hons)Aligarh Muslim University



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