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List Of RBI Governor Of India

List Of RBI Governor Of India And Salary Of RBI Governor

In this article, we are giving the list of rbi governor of India which is very useful for the candidates preparing for various competitive...
Monetary Policy Committee

What is Monetary Policy Committee And Its Objectives?

The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) was formed in the year 2016 to make changes in the appropriate interest rates and policy rates for the...
What is Repo Rate

What is Repo Rate And Reverse Repo Rate?

You must have heard the terms like repo rate, reverse repo rate and CRR during RBI credit policy. But do you know the meaning...
What Is Monetary Policy?

What Is Monetary Policy?

What Is Monetary Policy? The Monetary Policy In India according to which the currency authority of a country regulates the supply of money is called...
Functions Of Commercial Banks

Functions Of Commercial Banks

A bank is a financial institution that works to collect money from the public and give loans to the public. in this article, we...
money market

What Is Money Market Instruments?

In finance parlance, money market refers to the global financial market for borrowing and lending short-term debt.It provides short-term cash/liquidity funding for the global...
What is national income

What is national income and why is it calculated?

National income means of information about the economic performance of any country's economy.After independence, the Government of India formed the National Income Committee on...
What Is Inflation?

What Is Inflation?

Inflation means when the normal price level in an economy rises continuously and the value of the currency decreases.It is an economic concept based...
non performing assets

What Is Non Performing Asset (NPA)?

Non Performing Assets (NPA) In Banks When a debtor fails to pay EMI to his bank, his loan account is called Non-Performing Assets (NPA).According...
RBI Functions

What are the main functions of the Reserve Bank of India?

Within the Preamble of the Reserve bank of India, the primary RBI functions and history of the bank are given as follows.With a view...
History Of Banking In India

History Of Banking In India

The history of banking in India is two hundred years old. Modern banking of India began in the British rule. In the early 19th...


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