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Alexander The Great Empire

Alexander The Great Empire

Alexander the Great was born in Pela, the capital of ancient Napoleon, on July 20, 356 BC. Alexander’s full name was Alexander III and Alexander Macedonian.

Alexander or Alexander the Great ruled from 356 BC to 323 BC was the Greek administrator of Macedonia. He is also known as Alexander III and Alexander Macedonian.

He has been considered one of the skilled and famous generals in history. By his death, he had won almost half of all the lands that the ancient Greeks.

And the most important role in stopping his victory chariot was King Puru of India (who has been addressed by Porus to the Greek historians).

Who is Alexander the Great?

  • Full Name:- Alexander III and Alexander Macedonian
  • Surname:- Sikandar
  • Born:- 20 July 356 BC
  • Birthplace:- paella
  • Father:- Philip II
  • Mother:- Olympia
  • Marriage (Spouse):- Rukhsana
  • Horse Name:- Bucephalus
  • Death:- June 13, 323 century, Babylon

And it was the territorial chieftains of India, who, on the strength of their might in Alexander’s army, aroused fear against India and made them come back from India.

During his tenure, he had conquered the territories of Iran, Syria, Egypt, Mesopotamia, Finland, Judea, Gaza, and Punjab in India (whose king was Puru) but later returned after seeing the huge army of Magadha.

It is noteworthy that the above-mentioned areas were part of the Persian Empire at that time and the Persian Empire was some 40 times larger than Alexander empire.

In Persian, he has been called Eskandar-e-Maqduni (Alexander of Macedonia, Apabhrash Sikandar of Eskandar) and Alakshendra in Hindi.


Alexander was very intelligent since childhood but was known for his fiery nature.

In fact, early education was taken by Alexander from his relative The Stern Leonidas of Epirus.

Alexander’s father Philip wanted Alexander to complete knowledge of war as well as education.

Therefore, he had appointed an experienced and skilled relative for Alexander, from whom Alexander took mathematics, horse riding, archery. After this, Limex taught Alexander the hoe to fought war.

When Alexander was 13, a personal teacher was appointed for him, Aristotle, was also called Aristotle of India. He was a famous and great philosopher.

Aristotle’s ideas are definitely mentioned in philosophy, mathematics, science, and psychology. From this, the merit of Aristotle and his importance can be gauged.

Aristotle taught literature to Alexander for about 3 years and also taught eloquence. At the same time, Aristotle also worked to refine a talented of Alexander.

Many historians believe that his mentor Aristotle had shown the dream of conquering the whole world.

Because, under the guidance of Aristotle, Alexander also became worthy and in his self-confidence of conquering the world also increased.

He may have been a great and worthy ruler but after his father’s death.

He gathered forces to assassinate his stepfather and cousins. And then he came to the throne of Macedonia.

History also mentions that Olympia had tried to kill her stepsons in order to place her son on the throne.

With this, he had killed his step-daughter and forced his stepson Cleopatra to commit suicide.

Alexander As King

He as Emperor started conquering the surrounding states of Macedonia. He first recorded a victory on the way to Greece. And then he moved towards Asia.

The vast Persian empire that stretched from Egypt, Iran to northwest India.

On the other hand, if the empire of Alexander was compared to the Persian Empire, the Persian Empire was about 40 times bigger than Alexander’s Empire, whose ruler was Shah Dara.

But he too defeated him in wars with his military power and gained his empire. But Shah Dara made a pact with Alexander and married his daughter Rukhsana to him.


Alexander, who cherished the dream of ruling the whole world broke, when he fell ill at Babylon in 323 BCE, he succumbed to malaria and then at the age of 33 he died in June 323 BCE. In this way the great warrior came to an end.

In this way, at the age of 10, this extraordinary warrior had expanded his small kingdom and established a huge empire.


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